News just broke that John McCain plans to suspend his campaign tomorrow and return to DC to take part in the Wall Street/Main Street/World Street bailout negotiations. He as also asked the Presidential Debate Commission to postpone Friday’s debate so he can take part in the negotiations.

The MSM will no doubt gin up their spin machines – commonly known as the nightly news casts – to portray McCain as running scared from the latest polls which show Obama having “reclaimed” the lead with people choosing his incomprehensible economic rhetoric over McCain. The punditocracy will probably attempt to show McCain proverbially hunkering down in a bunker cowering in fear of the Obama Juggernaut.

This step is yet another gamble for McCain. He could spend the next week or so talking hypothetically about what to do about the economic mess in which America finds herself. Rather than do that, he’s going back to DC to do the job he’s actually paid to do. In short, he’d rather take action than stand around the lectern pontificating about what he might do.

It will be interesting to see the reaction of Team Obama. Will he follow McCain’s lead? Perhaps. Probably not, though. He’s spent so little time actually doing his job as a Senator it’s doubtful he could find the Senate floor on a map.