Since her splash at the GOP convention, there have been precious few opportunities for the press to get a chance to question Sarah Palin.

A blogger from Newsweek wondered aloud what kind of access the press would have to Palin after the Convention. Just a week later, this article chronicles just what Newsweek wondered about – the fact that the Palin was being shielded from the press.

The lack of access has started to make some wonder when she would be available for interview.

Queue the Charlie Gibson interview, where she held her on on some areas, looked a little nervous in others, and got slammed over the entire “Bush Doctrine” exchange, even if its a little vague what is the true definition of the “Bush Doctrine”.

Just today, the press staged a protest by threatening to boycott Palin’s appearance at the United Nations for, once again, limiting access. The Palin camp eventually relented.

She has not held one press conference since her nomination as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate. She’s had two major interviews, the aforementioned “Bush Doctrine” encounter with ABC’s Charlie Gibson, and one with Sean Hannity, which looked more like a bar league slow-pitch softball game.

There has long been complaints that the media has favored Obama, and its hard to argue against the fact that there are media biases for both sides (MSNBC, Fox). But when it comes down to it, the media has very little to work with when it comes to Sarah Palin, and so the frustration level has ultimately lead to small revolts like today. We can’t soon forget that John McCain once called the media “his base”, but more recently he’s left his base hanging out to dry.

The good news for Palin today is as she learns more about international relations at the U.N. meetings, there will be at least one person there she’s probably heard of – namely U2’s Bono.