I hate to bail


Filed Under General on Sep 22 

In the words of Hillary Clinton, “Let’s have a conversation”. About what? The Wall Street bail out of course! Michael Reagan (son of Ronald Reagan) thinks the bail out is a “robbery” of the American people. I tend to agree with him, although I am the first to admit I do not understand all of the minutia that are driving the issue, but I understand enough to know that We The People are getting the fuzzy end of the lollipop in the deal.

What say you? Should the government bail out a private industry? Should the taxpayers be forced to pay more than they already are to keep the economy afloat on a life raft? Or should we let the chips fall where they may, go after the heads of companies a-la Enron and get some heads rolling, and suffer the economic consequences? Where do we draw the line as well? Do we bail out the big three automakers next? The airlines? How about Mom and Pop on Main street? Where do we stop? What is the best way to learn from our economic mistakes, and is it the fault of one party or the other, as Regan suggests?

From my vantage point on the couch, the people who are being forced to “learn from and pay for” these mistakes, are people who never made them in the first place – you and I; and the people who have made these mistakes should be suffering a bit more than they are. It seems like certain CEOs, heads of agencies, Secretaries of Departments and leaders in government, are walking away with fat wallets, wide smiles, and the idea that they have done the average person a favor with the bail out.