I have not, at least that I can remember, ever set foot in a rodeo ring. The closest I’ve ever come to one was during a trip to Oklahoma City where a bunch of co-workers somehow convinced me to go with them to Club Rodeo – a cross between a country western bar and a rodeo. Its one of those things you can only find in Oklahoma and makes no sense unless you’ve been there.

Even with my limited understanding of rodeos, I’m pretty sure a TelePrompTer is not standard equipment for the ring. Well, add the prompter to the list of equipment carted around by Team Obama roadies.


For the record, a TelePrompTer is not at home where the buffaloes, wild bulls, and bucking broncos roam.

Ummm, Barry, one of these days you’re gonna have to get a handle on this whole extemporaneous speaking thing. It’s fine by me if you wait until sometime in December to do so.