Coming back to bite


Filed Under General on Sep 16 

You’ve probably all seen or heard of the Obama ad that mocks McCain’s ability to use a keyboard (i.e. send an email, use the internet, etc).

Um, did they not know that McCain’s fingers were shattered by wartime torture? Oh yeah….and he can’t lift his arm above his shoulder. Years as a tortured POW in the Vietcong will do that to you.

Someone from the Obama camp had the audacity to defend the ad (or at least try to).

So let’s see…..

Offended the religious. Yes.

Offended those who possess a gun. Yes.

Offended small-town folk. Yes.

Offended the typical white guy. Yes.

Offended Governor Palin. Yes.

Offended women. Yes.

Offended the handicapped. Yes.

I think McCain can just sit back and put his feet up. Just let Obama and his team run their mouths off and the Republicans will have this election in the bag.