It’s reports like these that almost make me feel sorry for SlowJoe Biden. Here he is, the Vice-Presidential nominee of a party that up until two weeks ago thought it would be riding into Washington on a white horse trotting along a rose pedal strewn Pennsylvania Avenue. Forget the white horse, SlowJoe can’t even get anybody to fly on his chartered jet these days.

SlowJoe was the talk of the media for all of three days – everybody wanted to talk to him and get his take on the coming Hope and Change. He even went so far as to promise to restore the Office of the Vice-President to its former irrelevance by pledging:

…no longer will the eight most dreaded words in the English language be: “The vice president’s office is on the phone.”

In other words, SlowJoe made sure that everyone knew he planned to spend the next four years doing nothing but attending funerals and making travel arrangments for the White House Press Corps.

Turns out the traveling Press Corps is a rather fickle bunch. Listening to SlowJoe is about as entertaining as watching old episodes of cancelled 1970s sitcoms. Those required to report on his ramblings have been known to suffer injuries caused by falling from a chair. His speeches should come with a warning not to drive or use heavy machinery immediately after he leaves the podium.

So, here’s the question: With Obama’s free falling poll numbers coupled with a VP who makes late night infomercials look riveting, what are the chances SlowJoe Biden will join Jeremiah Wright, Trinity United Church of Christ, Obama’s Grandma, and a legion of named and unknown campaign staffers under the Team Obama Bus?

I admit I’m straying just a bit into conspiratorial X-Files territory, but let’s talk odds and dates by which SlowJoe gets tossed off the bus.

HT The Indispensible Geraghty