Hollywood Idiots


Filed Under General on Sep 13 

Red State Eddio and Cordeiro beat me to the punch with their brilliant posts knocking a certain Hollywood A-lister for his thoughts on Sarah Palin. I had read quotes from some of these Hollywood Elite earlier this week and a post began swarming in my head. And not that I want to beat the Hollywood horse to death, the actions and words of these stars merit some attention.

Politics seems to be the new fad for Tinseltown. They all seem to be taking up some ‘save the planet’ cause to fill their otherwise vacuous lives. Perhaps if they save some trees and promote a liberal guy this will somehow make up for their denigrating movies and music (and not to mention personal lives).

Many recently took stabs at McCain’s choice in Vice President:

Annette Bening at the premiere of her new movie commented “I think it’s exciting to see a woman chosen to be on a major ticket…….but the idea that people, who voted for Hillary, who tend to be Democrats, would change and vote for McCain because of Sarah Palin seems to me bizarre,” she said. Why did Bening find it odd? Because “Sarah Palin’s politics are to the right of McCain’s,” she explained.

Meanwhile Candace Bergen gave her assessment of Palin’s nomination acceptance speech, saying, “I heard her (RNC)speech, and it’s scary.”

Jamie Lee Curtis wrote in The Huffington Post, “The scariest thing I hear about the Palin nomination was that she would appeal to voters because they would be able to relate to her and she to them.” Curtis admitted, “I couldn’t hold my own for one minute in a debate on any issue with someone like a Barack Obama or Joseph Biden and neither can Sarah Palin.

Alec Baldwin blogged, “Palin is Bush.” Still fixated, Baldwin compared Bush’s foreign policy experience as a governor with Barack Obama’s, and claimed that Obama’s experience in being a senator running for office was somehow superior. (And this coming from a guy who screamed expletives on his daughter’s voice mail.)

Perhaps the cake goes to our friend Matt Damon, who claimed that Palin was a bad Disney movie.

I’m still waiting for Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, and Sean Penn to publicly denounce McCain and Palin. Perhaps they’re waiting for their next red carpet appearance with a dozen mics in front of them. Do we think Barbra Streisand will threaten to leave the country if Obama’s not elected? (I say: Good Riddance).

I love how these people who make a living playing somebody they’re not reading scripts written by others, have so much to say in the political arena. Most have no formal college education. I think what bugs me the most is that they use their status, popularity, and Hollywood platform to spout their gibberish. They act as though their fame and fortune give them some credibility as to how to run this country. And since the media is their ally, their words get splattered all over the press. Anyone with half a brain can tune them out; but there are half-wits in this nation that hang on their every word. We are a celebrity-obsessed culture that gives too much air time and magazine space to these self-absorbed prima donnas. As a citizen in this country, they have every right to an opinion; but don’t use places like the Oscars, the Golden Globes, interviews, and red carpet appearances to share your ignorant views. You don’t see many political pundits giving their opinions on the latest movies and music.

Gone are the days when people like Jimmy Stewart and Clark Gable put their acting careers aside enlisting and serving their country during WWII. Stewart flew numerous missions against the Germans, and Gable worked his way up to captain. He flew air raids with the 351st and the 91st Bomb Groups. Could you see someone like Leonardo Dicrapio putting life aside and joining the military? I didn’t think so.

Unfortunately those who do lean conservative in Hollywood are sometimes blacklisted and alienated. Many are afraid to speak up. John Voight however has no shame appearing on the Hannity and Colmes Show in support of John McCain, and producer David Zucker is making a pro-American film set to be released this October……just weeks before Oliver Stones’ anti-Bush garbage. A few other actors who are not swayed into liberal thought include Tom Selleck, Gary Sinise, Ben Stein, Jon Cryer, and Clint Eastwood. And can you believe that Adam Sandler contributed to Rudy Giuliani’s campaign?

Me personally, I just alienate certain stars who have gone over the deep end in politics. Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell have zero credibility in my book; I haven’t seen a Dicaprio movie in I don’t know how long (I’m proud to say I never say ‘Titanic’…..was out of the country when it came out, never got around to seeing it, and haven’t looked back); I don’t swoon over George Clooney, and Brad Pitt has lost some of his attractiveness. It is hard to stay away from the Jason Bourne movies……consider that my guilty pleasure.