Even though we have previously dubbed her “Stiletto Sarah,” I propose a new handle: Stockholm Sarah. Why? Isn’t it obvious?

She bears classic symptoms of one who is sympathetic with her captor. She is not acting independently, as a woman, but has taken on the attitudes of the ones who have kidnapped her liberty, namely, men.

Think about it. She married a man. Strike one. She gave live birth to her children and continued to let them breath. Strike two. Two strikes are bad, but thus far she is only as bad as Hillary. The third strike: fashion. She dresses like a girl. From her teenage tees to her political pumps, she is catering to the attitudes of chauvinist men who think women should look like, well, er, not men. Long hair, skirts, heels, you never know what she’ll wear next. In a world that needs the comfort, consistency, and security of a good, drab, boxy pantsuit, Sarah Palin offers something altogether opposite: femininity, the ultimate betrayal of women.

Which brings me back to the Stockholm Syndrome. She has consistently put her mental illness on display through beauty pageants, marriage, childbearing, cooking, and more. All of which proclaim all too clearly how infected she is with men’s attitudes toward women. This submission to the cause of men has been covered up by a storm of reporting about how nominating Palin is pandering to women. WRONG! Nominating Stockholm Sarah is pandering all right, to men.

Joe Biden hit the nail on the head when he said that sending Gov. Palin to Washington would be a step backward for women. The fact that she is a woman has nothing to do with women. She’s been tamed and brainwashed; and she will support all the wrong causes. But we know better.

This November, vote for people who know women best.
Vote for people with women’s best interests in mind.

Vote for men.
Obama-Biden 2008.

(Next week we’ll hear how Obama is absolutely incapable of advancing the causes of identity-confused, biracial guys with funny names.)