Cindy the Drifter


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Holy Cannoli, Batman! I thought we had seen it all in this election (I know, that’s probably the most overused phrase in the last 6 months). As if things couldn’t get any wilder or wackier, word came out yesterday that Cindy McCain is a bona-fide drifter.

No, not this kind:

This kind:

Toyo Drift Australia Round 3

For the unenlightened, drifting is a form of auto racing started in Japan in the 90’s. The key part of the race is the curves, where the goal is to slide or “drift” around corners sideways by a complex combination of the clutch, emergency brake, and shifting gears–all at excessive rates of speed. The movie The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006) featured this type of racing.

I only tried it once, back when I was in high school driving a ’72 VW Super Beetle. But that occasion wasn’t my choice; the snow on the road made the call, and I slide through the corner and across 50 feet of grass before bouncing off a stack of storm drains being readied for placement into the ground. It’s not as easy as it looks.

Apparently, Cindy got into it as a hobby/obsession in 2004. With the help of her son Jack the middie at Navy (Beat Army!), they rebuilt a Nissan 240SX, installing a tricked-out engine “and other parts conducive to drifting (the car is not street-legal).” They even competed in amateur drift competitions in the U.S. as a mother-son tandem, finishing as high as second place.

“I’m a gearhead,” She confessed last month in Phoenix.

Here’s the interview on ESPN:

Wow. Cindy, how do I admire you? Let me count the ways…

1: You have a pilot’s license and sometimes flies John to events.

2: You own a piece of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

3: You finished a half-marathon.

4: You attend NASCAR races.

5. You were a special ed teacher.

6. You adopt kids from Bengladesh.

7. You started a crisis medical team for poverty stricken places around the world.

Can I say I’m more than impressed?

Imagine what she’ll do at Camp David: “John, I’ll take President Medvedev out for a spin and see if we can resolve the Georgia crisis peacefully.” Nothing says world peace faster than you plastered to your car side window, using it as the front windshield while a woman whips the car sideways around a corner at 75 mph. Smiling the whole time.

Nothing against Laura Bush—she is a lovely lady—but she is downright boring compared to the women we have in this campaign, spouses or candidates included. Laura Bush is milk and cookies next to this woman! I think Cindy may have closed the deal for me.

Why is it the women in this campaign have sealed my vote more than the men?