Congress is back in session. I know you feel as excited about this as I do, no really, I know you do. The question is what will those crazy kids do for the three weeks of hard work on behalf of he American public, they’ve scheduled for themselves? The possibilities are limitless!

Apparently, they’ve been striking some deals so work can get done. (I’ll let you vote on defense if you let me talk about energy policy!) In the end the defense bills always pass, it’s a no brainier, so in my mind this is not really a good deal. The esteemed leaders of our nation cannot be see to abandon the military, especially when there are elections to be won and power to be maintained.

The real question will be if they can make any progress at all on energy policy, specifically off shore drilling and increasing domestic supply of oil and petroleum products. I love the earth, and yes this housewife reduces, reuses and recycles as much as she can. However, I love my car, and I love it when I don’t have to mortgage the farm to fill it up. It never ceases to amaze, and confound me that we are not using the resources we have in this country to meet our needs. It infuriates me that the oil and gas companies have been painted the villains for wanting to be able to run their businesses. After all, isn’t the business of America, business?

In my dream world, Congress would have a real debate on drilling. They would remove the chains that bind this country to foreign powers, and let domestic drilling and refining work and be done. At the same time, I’d like to see nuclear power plants (yes in my back yard!), wind farms, tide farms, clean coal, and American innovation be given a chance to work in the market to solve the energy crisis and make our nation a safer and more secure place to live. Somehow, I think this dream will end up in the land of the tooth fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny –nice to think about, but only real on a greeting card, and that Congress will find something to distract itself with, and leave the American public, once again, high and dry.