Sarah Palin continues to deny she ever supported the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere”, despite some evidence to contrary.

Though Palin recently came out against the completion of the Gravina Island Bridge, she initially supported the project as governor before it became a national symbol of wasteful pork barrel spending. In 2007, Palin’s office cancelled work on the bridge, but Alaska still kept the federal funds that were allocated for state transportation projects.

The denial is probably small potatoes (sorry Danforth), but there is some ammunition in Palin’s past for Obama to slam the McCain/Palin ticket’s anti-pork campaign plank, given some of Palin’s past comments on the importance of earmarks in Alaska:

In her two years as governor, Alaska has requested nearly $750 million in earmarks, and in a Fairbanks newspaper column earlier this year, she wrote that federal monies, including earmarks, are “incredibly important” to the state. Palin also helped secure millions of dollars in federal money for her hometown of Wasilla while she was mayor.

Of course a mayor of governor is supposed to fight for cash for their city or state, I just wonder how the comments on the importance of pork in Alaska’s diet will reconcile with the campaign anti-pig product stand.