My, my how things have changed in the last 10 days. 10 days ago, you, the ‘Chosen One’, thought you were destined for the White House. With the recent swing in the polls, you are starting to crack. Today you tore into McCain and Palin, accusing them of being “shameless” and “lying about their records”. Those are pretty harsh words Senator Obama. While we’re on the topic, why don’t we talk about how you stack up to those accusations.

Shameless… where to begin… how about the numerous times that you’ve taken McCain’s words and actions completely out of context? I’m sure you remember McCain’s 100 years in Iraq comment. You said McCain “says that he is willing to send our troops into another 100 years of war in Iraq.” I saw the recording of that town hall meeting and that was not the intent of the statement, which everyone would have known had you ran his statement in full. I think it’s pretty “shameless” to twist someone’s words in a way that you know was not the intent.

Lying about their record? How about lying about your record? Does abortion ring a bell? When asked by Pastor Rick Warren when a baby gets rights, you replied, “I’m absolutely convinced that there is a moral and ethical element to this issue.” In addition, you said, “It’s above my pay grade.” If that’s true, then why do you want to eliminate existing restrictions on the procedure? In 2001, not only did you vote “Present” for a bill that would make infants born alive after abortions persons, but you spoke out against it. If there is a ‘moral and ethical element’ to this issue and it’s ‘above your pay grade,’ then why do you speak out against these restrictions and why did you vote ‘No’ in 2003 against a law that had a neutrality clause that didn’t impact Roe? Oh, and did I forget to ask why you denied voting ‘No’ for that bill in 2003 while at Saddleback Ranch in front of a room full of Christians? Did you just get confused, forgot how you voted, or were you pandering to the audience? I’d go with confused because the whole forgetting how you vote on a high profile issues won’t fly with most people and pandering to the audience would mean you were lying. Then again, it’s probably tough to defend being confused since it is such a major issue and you should know how you feel about. So, just admit you were trying to appeal to the Christian crowd and apologize.

Today you also said, “When John McCain gets up there with Sarah Palin and says ‘we’re for change’… you’ve got to ask yourselves, what are they talking about, how do they have the nerve to say that? Its empty words. You’re just saying that because you realize, gosh, Obama’s been talking about change and it seems to be working, so maybe we should say it too.” For Vice President, you picked a Senator that first got elected when you were in 5th grade. Yep, a lot of change there. As for John McCain, two words… Sarah Palin. You claim that John McCain will be ‘more of the same’ and a third term of George Bush. You claim that McCain’s voting record is in line with Bush 90% of the time. What you don’t tell people about your statistic, is that many of those votes are budget related and that for many of the big issues, tax cuts, immigration, the environment, campaign finance reform and stem cell funding, McCain voted in opposition of Bush’s stance.

John McCain stood up and supported the troop surge, very loudly I might add, when it was an unpopular position. He said he would rather win the war than win an election. Now that’s what I call putting your country ahead of your career. Tell me, how have you put your country ahead of yourself? And voting ‘Present’ doesn’t count. When have you ever stood up to your party on a major issue? You won’t even stand up to people like Reverend Wright who, literally, preach hate about the country you supposedly love.

Now that you’re no longer sitting comfortably and McCain is ahead in the polls, you start slinging mud. Aren’t you the same guy that chastised Hillary Clinton for mudslinging? Oh, and aren’t you the same guy that said has a list of topics that are “off-limits’? You won’t tolerate racism against you, but you have no problem with ageism. How many times have you made comments implying that McCain is too old to be President?

It all sounds pretty hypocritical to me.