Having boldly declared that his campaign is “not going to be bullied” in a fashion similar to that of 2004 presidential loser John “Lurch” Kerry, Team Obama has now dispatched surrogates to do some lead blocking.

Forgive the football metaphors. ‘Tis the season.

Team Obama appealed to Hillary in hopes that she might recapture some of the female mojo gained by Stiletto Sarah Palin in the week following her VP nomination. I don’t think this will have the desired result as Hillary’s convention speech endorsement of Obama wasn’t exactly full throated. I think Hillary’s presence on the campaign trail will only remind Democratic voters that she isn’t on the ticket and that she was passed over for the campaign dynamo SlowJoe Biden. Even in her latest pro Obama stump speech she only mentioned Palin by name once. Hillary simply won’t go after another female.

Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius isn’t nearly as tactful. I’m sure Governor Sebelius has some original thoughts on Stiletto Sarah. Sadly, her remarks only echoed the worn out talking points put forth by Team Obama.

Oh, and speaking of “surrogates”, remember the Code Pink “ladies” who tried to disrupt McCain’s speech last week at the RNC? Turns out one of them, Jodie Evans, is an Obama bundler.

Were it a McCain bundler disrupting Obama’s coronation speech, the MSM and left-winged bloggers would be demanding a congressional inquiry into her motives and investigating whether or not Karl Rove had used a Sith Lord mind trick on her. But since she supports The One, she’s lumped in with all the other “concerned citizens”.