I informed you a few days ago about the mystery involving the Republican and Democrat candidates not filing to be on the Texas state ballot by the deadline set out in Texas Election Code § 192.031. The Barr campaign received a response from the Texas Secretary of State’s office to their request for the certification papers submitted by the Texas Republicans and Democrats that would place Barack Obama, John McCain and their running mates on the ballot.

Their certification papers were due to the state on August 26th at 5 pm.

The law is explicit on the matter. The names of the candidates for president and vice president are due by the deadline.

You can see in the faxed copies, available here that the Texas Democratic Party faxed their filing on September 27th. Even the notarized form was dated September 27th, which is well past the filing deadline. What is odd is the email is dated September 26th at 4:40 PM. A Notary would never ever pre or post date a document.

The fax copy of the Republican filing is also odd in that the document is dated September 26th but only mentions John McCain and the code specifically states that both names have to submitted by the deadline. Also, the letter is dated September 26th but the handwritten note says September 25h.

This seems to prove that both filings are suspect or flawed and should not have been accepted. The amendments are well past the deadline and don’t seem to follow the Texas code.

More updates to follow.