On the whole I have to admit the John McCain gave a solid speech last night. There were parts of it I liked, and parts of it to which I was indifferent. It was evident that he was comfortable with the fact he wasn’t going to out shine “Stiletto” Sarah Palin. McCain is much more comfortable in a setting where he can interact with his audience. TelePrompTered podiums aren’t his best venue.

That said, there was one part of the speech that surprised me. Most people, men especially, are very uncomfortable speaking about their failings or vulnerabilities. Type A personality fighter jocks (a demographic in which McCain spent a good part of his life) are among the guys least likely to reveal such personal details.

So when McCain began to describe his experiences as a “guest” at the Hanoi Hilton after he turned down an offer of early release by his captors, I found these four words very revealing:

And they broke me.

I haven’t heard that from McCain before. He may have spoken about it prior to last night, or written about it in his memoirs, but that admission was news to me. I think such a frank statement from a man who has been billed as a hard-nosed, street fighting tough guy will make him seem just a bit more human.

Now a word or two about the protestors who tried (unsuccessfully) to add their own soundtrack to the evening’s main event.

I watched the whole speech on TV, so I was obviously limited to whatever the cameras were showing. By my count I could see at least three protestors (one man, two women) who had to be forcibly removed from the venue after they tried to disrupt it and distract McCain.

All three were shouted down by the assembled masses. NRO’s Jim Geraghty noted that two of the protesters came from a spot “suspiciously near the press section.”  The one male protester looked like he hadn’t bathed in the past six months. As for the Code Pinkos – I’m not positive, but it appeared as though at least one of them was attempting to disrobe. That, dear reader, would have been a serious wardrobe malfunction. Some people simply should not be naked.

I did some searching this morning and I can’t find any reports of Obama’s coronation speech having been interrupted by right winged lunatics screaming references to his shady political dealings with unrepentant terrorists and convicted felon slumlords.

McCain’s reaction to these attempted interruptions was the use of a warning given to pilots regarding ground operations and radio communications:

Don’t be diverted by ground noise and static.

There will be a lot of ground noise and static generated in the next eight weeks. Most of it will come from Team Obama with an assist from its press office, commonly referred to as the Mainstream Media. As the polls are now even, my money is on that static being thick enough to cut with a hunting knife.