What does it say about a candidate that knows he has to select his exact opposite as a running mate to be elected? Sarah Palin is everything McCain is not: young, attractive, articulate and most important of all, conservative. The problem that I have with McCain’s choice is not Sarah Palin herself, but what it tells me about McCain. He knows he is unelectable if he chooses a running mate that is closer in ideology to him than Sarah Palin is.

For fun, let’s recap some McCain positions and ask yourself WWSPD (what would Sarah Palin do)?

McCain sponsored a campaign finance reform bill limiting freedom of speech. The McCain-Feingold bill was the biggest violation of the First Amendment in US history. The First Amendment (you know, the one that comes before that other amendment granting us the right to own weapons so we can hunt Moose) is paramount to individual freedom. The bill’s enactment was a tragedy. But, be careful that you don’t criticize McCain publicly about it thirty days before an election or you might just windup in jail.

What about that windfall profits tax on Big Oil that liberals are so keen for? McCain has stated publically that a windfall profits tax is on the table as an option.

What about the Bush tax cuts demonized by the Left? McCain voted against them along with his liberal friends.

Cap and Trade? You bet! McCain is all over it sponsoring the McCain-Lieberman Stewardship Act in January 2003 which would have authorized a Cap and Trade system on greenhouse gases that would cripple the US economy.

Offshore drilling? He was against it before he was for it.

Remember the Gang of 14 that derailed an effort for an up and down vote on conservative judicial appointees? Yeah, that was McCain in true Maverick style.

From support of the Kyoto Protocol to amnesty for illegal aliens, McCain has been on the wrong side of conservative issues again and again. When you were listening to Sarah Palin last night, could you picture her agreeing with McCain on any of these issues? So why the Palin pick? If McCain believes strongly in his positions on these core issues, why set up a future presidential run, possibly as early as 2012, for a person who would oppose them? If country truly comes first, why not pick a running mate he agrees with? The answer? Because McCain’s core beliefs are second to his personal ambition.

To me, this is cause for concern. If McCain has to choose between what is right for the country or what will build his legacy, will he choose the country or the legacy? You decide.

So when the euphoria of last night’s election speech begins to wear off, and that old sinking feeling about McCain begins to set back in, take two spoonfuls of Sarah Palin and call me in 2012. We’re going to need her to clean up this mess.