The New Republic’s Stump Bloggers declared Sarah’s performance to be “alarmingly strong”.

She impressed the DNC press office, commonly referred to as the Associated Press.

She’s got Gloria Steinem tied up in knots.

At the Chicago Sun-Times, Mary Mitchell summarized it this way:

Those are the kinds of jabs the Obama campaign will have a difficult time dealing with simply because Palin is a female, and the campaign will not want to appear to be sexist.

Actually, Mary, Team Obama will have a hard time dealing with Palin’s jabs because of one simple reason: in addition to being devastatingly accurate, Palin’s broadsides have the added value of being true.

Over the past few years of blogging, I’ve come to use nicknames when referring to politicians and other “celebrities” in the public sphere. After watching Sarah Palin’s speech last night, despite her well earned moniker of “Sarah Barracuda”, I’ve decided to start referring to her as “Stiletto Sarah” because this is the song that came to mind after she finished her Twin Cities debut:

She cuts you hard, she cuts you deep
She’s got so much skill
She’s so fascinating that you’re still there waiting
When she comes back for the kill
You’ve been slashed in the face
You’ve been left there to bleed
You want to run away
But you know you’re gonna stay
‘Cause she gives you what you need

She cuts you out, she cuts you down
She carves up your life
But you won’t do nothing
As she keeps on cutting
‘Cause you know you love the knife
You’ve been bought, you’ve been sold
You’ve been locked outside the door
But you stand there pleadin’
With your insides bleedin’
‘Cause deep down you want some more
Then she says she needs affection
While she searches for the vein
She’s so good with her stiletto
You don’t really mind the pain

Stiletto by Billy Joel

Stiletto Sarah’s next major event will be her debate with her vice presidential opponent SlowJoe Biden. SlowJoe is famous for taking several hours to say absolutely nothing and putting his audience in a coma during the process. After last night’s barn burning performance, SlowJoe needs to be afraid…very afraid.