The two campaigns fighting to take over the White House couldn’t be more different. The issue of abortion may end up playing a bigger role than it has in the past. In fact one columnist seems to think this will determine the outcome of the election. Hmmm… for thought.

Not only will voters be selecting the candidate that closely reflects his or her values, but we have the Supreme Court to think about. We have possibly two vacancies that will need to be filled during the next term, and who do we want picking those Supremes? Do we want the Darth Lords Sidious and Vader finding some baby killers, or do we want people who respect the right to life (even that of an unborn child) thus tipping the 5-4 scale to the other side?

It seems we have the pro-life ticket and the pro-choice ticket. Apparently, when asked at what point babies had human rights, Obama replied that he couldn’t answer the simple question: “It’s above my pay grade.” Well, so is my life, and I don’t think I trust it with someone who opposes banning partial-birth abortions as well as opposed an Illinois bill recognizing human rights for babies ‘born alive’ after botched abortions. I don’t understand how the Dems scream and yell over our military men and women dying bravely and honorably in defense of our freedom (who chose to be in the military, by the way), but they have no problem killing a fetus.

How will this affect female voters? The diehard feminist-nazis will stay with the Democratic ticket. How dare Washington try to take away their right to abort the consequence of their one-night stand! After all, who wants to be punished with a child? Apparently droves of women are flocking to the Obama camp so they can live in a world that allows abortion. Well, this female voter wouldn’t touch that ticket with a ten-foot pole.

The selection of Palin for the number two spot will no doubt gather the religious votes. It’s a good thing we’ve satisfied those evangelicals; you know they’d be throwing tantrums if Mitt Romney were the keynote speaker tonight.