(Allow me to drift slightly away from the politics of this story.)

When Sarah Palin announced her daughter’s teen pregnancy, she said that her daughter would be marrying the baby’s father.

Bristol Palin chose to have the baby, but does that mean she should keep the baby? Should two high schoolers get married under the glare of the national media, and take on the responsibility of raising a child? Or should they place the baby for adoption?

The purpose of these questions is not to second guess decisions made by the Palin family. The purpose is hear your perspective, and how it would have looked from your viewpoint had the Palins said, “Our daughter is pregnant. The baby will be adopted by a couple that has been wanting a child of their own, who can provide for this child’s physical and emotional needs.”

How would that have polled? Would that be viewed favorably? Would that decision create a perception of “hiding the family’s shame”? Is adoption passé in today’s world? Thoughts?