Texas Filegate


Filed Under General on Sep 3 

While I was on the Bob Barr website last week I came across the article where it was announced that Bob Barr was the lone candidate that met the filing deadline to be put on the Texas state ballot for election day. It also noted that the Texas Secretary of State later retracted his statements and said the McCain and Obama campaigns did indeed file on time and would file amended documents after the conventions. The Barr campaign objects to this retraction and has decided to fight this in the courts.

If neither the Republican nor Democrat candidate made the deadline then the state’s 34 electoral votes would automatically go to Bob Barr. The reason is that the deadline for filing your candidate as a recognized write-in was the same day as filing to be on the ballot.

I have contacted the Texas Secretary of States’ office and asked for a copy of the date stamped filings of both the Republican and Democrat candidates. While I was assured that these papers did indeed exist, I have not yet been presented with such evidence.

I find this very disturbing and an affront to the entire election process. Anyone else?