Dear Diary


Filed Under General on Sep 3 

“Where do I start? I can’t believe it’s happened so fast. Who is this person that I am all caught up with? I mean one minute we’re strangers, seeing each other across the room; then the next minute…well…they’re here. I can’t describe it. It seems like I’ve found new zip, a new spring in my step that I haven’t seen in a long time. I feel so energized, like I could take on the world right now. I feel like trying new things, taking bold risks, making changes I hadn’t considered before. It’s like a wall fell down in front of me and there’s a whole new world awaiting me.  

I wish I could contain my enthusiasm. It’s hard to control myself in front of this person. I feel a great urge inside of me to scream out whenever I see them. There’s a freshness about them that I just can’t shake. They make me all warm inside. It’s like they get me. They understand me. They know me. They light up my day. I will proudly wear them on my sleeve, no holding back. I want to show the world I am for them, with them. 

The future looks so exciting. But it’s so early. It’s hard for me to tell whether I’ve given myself to someone sooner than I should. They just said all the right things to me, and well, here we are. Sometimes it feels like too much too soon. 

There’s a lot I know about them, but a lot still not known. I realize we’ll have issues, but I can’t see now what they are. I mean, how bad could it be? I know it was a gamble, but it just seemed so right, to throw caution into the wind and seize the day. I just hope it was the right decision.” 

So whose journal are we eavesdropping in on?