Because I am.

Today, broadsides on the experience issue came from both sides, with Barack Obama claiming to have more experience than Sarah Palin, and John McCain saying that his running mate has more experience than Obama.

Guess what kids none of these people have the skills, experiences or preparation to President of the United States. Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, John McCain and Joe Biden all have bullet points on the resume that will help them do the job, but the fact is, there is absolutely no job in the world like being President of the United States.

Each of the tickets have strengths and weaknesses, and enough of both to lob media bombs at each until we get a negative campaign winter like no other in history. You think you’ve seen mutually assured destruction before?

So here is my message to the campaigns:

Start talking about the issues and stop talking about each other.

Move from the high school lunch room pubescent garbage to the professional, we-have-a-job-to-do-and-this-is-how-we-plan-to-do-it stage, because frankly, I’m ready to write in a ticket of Wright/Fountain at this point.

There hasn’t been a candidate I felt truly good about pulling the lever for since I was 18 years old, and frankly, it wasn’t all that great a vote in retrospect.

Is the age of a smart, principled, honorable and tough candidate over?

Because I just don’t see it in any of these four.