Imagine that you are Todd Palin.

You know that you are in unchartered territory (not much “chartering” done by MR. Ferraro, at least none worth imitating) as the male spouse of a candidate on a national ticket.  You know that you’ve got to handle it carefully.  Can’t say or do anything to detract from the message, or to draw unwarranted attention to yourself.

BUT (and this “but” is bigger than J-Lo’s)…

You are first and foremost a FATHER. 

Your daughter is being attacked. 

You knew it was coming.  She knew it was coming.  Governor Palin knew it was coming.  McCain and his staff knew that it was coming. 

By the way…how ridiculous is it for some to pretend that she wasn’t vetted, and that this was somehow a surprise?  Can there be ANY doubt that this was a central part of their family’s decision?  One that they discussed carefully and PRAYERFULLY with their daughter?  Can you doubt that this was examined from every possible angle by McCain’s camp?  To say otherwise is ridiculous. 

OF COURSE their family talked, prayed, and talked some more before deciding to accept.

OF COURSE McCain and his staff did the same (discussed anyway…I hope that they prayed, too).

Back to Todd Palin:

As a father, how do you handle the ugliness, the smears, and the out-right hypocrisy of the far left ?

I think that it would be very effective if he were to personally call a press conference.  No wife.  No family.  Just him.  He would have to handle himself graciously (he could thank everyone for their concern??).

But, in no uncertain terms, he should tell the media that his daughters (and sons) are off-limits (again thanking Obama for stating this), and then promise to beat the living crap out of the next hack journalist who drags his daughter through the mud. 

Starting with Larry King (though Piper could probably handle him by herself).