Has anyone noticed that the Democrats are defending Barack Obama in comparison to Sarah Paline, and not John McCain. This can’t be good for Democrats.

From ABC News’ This Week:

STEPHANOPOULOS: You heard Senator Graham, though. He said that she has more experience than Senator Obama.
KERRY: That’s just ridiculous on its face. I mean, John — you know, Barack Obama has been in the United States Senate. He has not been absent more than he’s been there. She’s been a governor for, what, the two years now, Barack Obama and the four years? But, moreover, Barack Obama has traveled abroad. Look at the trip Barack Obama took. I mean, it is remarkable to me that the Republicans would try to denigrate a trip that a candidate for president takes where he attracts more — more attention, more support, if you will, than a sitting president of the United States of America.

On video:

And from CNN’s Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer interviewing Fred Thompson:

BLITZER: I suppose, Senator, you like all of us were pretty surprised at John McCain’s decision to pick the Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. Be honest.

THOMPSON: I was surprised and delighted. I think it was an absolute — you know — great thing. This — she is the kind of person that all of us in the Beltway and outside the Beltway are always talking about that we want, you know, somebody — an outsider, somebody who will not get sucked in by the political process, somebody who is independent, somebody who will stand up to corruption and all that kind of thing. Well, guess what, that’s exactly what you got.

BLITZER: The criticism is those are all excellent attributes that she has, but she has limited experience, a governor for less than two years, and really no national security or foreign policy experience.

THOMPSON: Well, Wolf, I hate to break this to you, but you don’t get national security experience by being on Sunday talk shows, and that’s where a lot of these fellows get theirs. And you don’t get national security experience from sitting on the floor of the Senate or the House and listening to what goes on there. The fact of the matter is, she’s been in — so some of those who claim it really don’t have much either. She’s been in public service for about 13 years now, state and local government. She is a reformer. She has experience not only in politics but in life. She’s a mother of five children, and from an infant to a young man going into the military. And she has more experience than Barack Obama.

So I think as long as we can continue to compare her experience with the presidential nominee of the Democrats, we’re going to be in pretty good shape… But, again, are we comparing the qualifications and experience of our vice presidential nominee with the Democrats’ presidential nominee. I mean, does eloquence make up for his lack of experience? I don’t think so.

This race is getting more interesting.