As those of you who read PD regularly can guess, I can barely contain my excitement about John McCain’s selection of someone who so obviously undercuts the campaign’s only message. I won’t get in to details, as there really isn’t much more to add at this point, but I’ll address what Jonathan Martin of Politico admittedly calls contrarian.

Maybe its ultimate impact on this race will be … well, not much at all. And voters will still make their choice based upon, say, the economy, Iraq, George W. Bush, John McCain’s age, John McCain’s military service, Barack Obama’s race or Barack Obama’s call for change.

You know, the stuff that dominated the race before this pick and that still weighs on the minds of many Americans.

This is precisely correct and precisely why the pick the was so dangerous: it amplifies and intensifies legitimate criticism on many of these issues and does so in a way that’s incredibly obvious to even the most inattentive voters.