So I thought all weekend about the Biden pick. I read the comments on all the relevant posts and there’s just nothing new I can add that has not already been said. Suffice it to say I was shocked by the pick. I think Obama took his single greatest message, “change”, and kicked it right in the groin by appointing a guy who’s been a Washington insider and member of the senate since I was in diapers.

Or, to put it more dramatically, he picked someone who was first elected to the senate while McCain was still being tortured in a POW camp.

Still not impressed? Try this: Obama was a prepubescent 11-year old when Biden was first elected to the senate.

By now you’ve all seen the McCain ad which features Biden offering to run “with or against” John McCain and lavishing praise on his good friend. In the same ad Joe blasts Obama for being unprepared to lead. Those are effective messages and could have staying power between now and November. Unless…

…McCain picks Romney as his Veep. I’m willing to bet my brand new deck (come check it out) that the ads are already in the can showing John and Mitt going at each other like rabid dogs at a summer barbeque. That’s not to say McCain can’t pick Romney now, it just means the McCain and Obama camps would have to ostensibly agree to pull that argument from the discourse. Think of it as MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction, but without the nuclear winter.

The web is full of fresh articles on a potential McCain/Romney ticket. Here’s just one that caught my eye from the SF Gate.

So what’s your take? Is the McCain approach to hitting Biden a sign that Romney has been ruled out? Is the Veep slot sewn up for Pawlenty? Is Huck still in the running?