Says the Anti-McCain Camp:

He’s out of touch with the average voter, because he forgets that he owns 7 houses, was worth $36 million dollars in 2006, and eats babies covered in Metamucil and brown sugar for breakfast.

Says the Pro-McCain Camp:

He’s an average American because he served in the Vietnam War, was tortured for years, and was the original model for the Statue of Liberty.

Says the Anti-Obama Camp:

He’s out of touch with the average voter because he prefers arugula over cabbage, vacations in Hawaii, was worth $800K in 2006, and wrote an autobiography in 1959 titled “The Manchurian Candidate.”

Says the Pro-Obama Camp:

He’s an average American because he has only one home, is a father of of two children under the age of 12, and has cured cancer in no less than 37 people.

In other words…

“John McCain is more elitist than Barack Obama.”
“Barack Obama is more elitist than John McCain.”

Are we still playing the “My Candidate Is Less Elitist Than Your Candidate” game? As someone who’s been through more than their share of job interviews (seriously, I’ve had a crapload of interviews), I assume the following of presidential elections:

  1. The presidential election is essentially THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB INTERVIEW IN THE WORLD
  2. As such, the potential job candidate should be above reproach, beyond petty issues, and possess a knowledge of all applicable issues.
  3. IN OTHER WORDS, THE CANDIDATE SHOULD BE AN ELITIST. As the ruler of the free world, shouldn’t they understand petty issues without becoming overwhelmed with petty issues?

We’re choosing a candidate for the most important job in the world. There are 6 billion people in the world. Therefore, I don’t care if my candidate prefers arugula over cabbage. I don’t care if my candidate has a favorite sports team. I don’t care if my candidate has 4 houses or 7 houses or a treehouse. I don’t care if my candidate is black or white or old or young or straight or gay or male or female or human or alien.

I take that back – I wouldn’t vote for a gay female alien.


  • *I don’t care if the elitist is a jerk… because I’ll ever never hang out with him.
  • *I’m not voting for someone who will have a beer with me… because I’m never going to have a beer with him.
  • *I want someone who understands the economy… and foreign relations… and the Iraq War… and human rights… and a boatload of other issues.

In other words, I don’t want to vote for someone who’s just like me. I’m an Average Joe, and I’m a moron. Therefore, I want to vote for someone who’s ready to lead the Free World.

The whole “I forget how many houses I have – let me ask my staff” highlights an important issue… are we still voting for the actual issues?

Or are we voting for whomever appears to be not-as-elitist?