When in history has there been more speculation and excitement over a VP pick? This story is swirling out of control like none I recall.

Assuming the KMBC story is true, Obama has made the pick we’ve been predicting for months.

Evan Bayh is the one Veep that Team McCain must fear the most. He’s been vetted over and over, he’s popular in Indiana and reasonably well known outside his home state, and he’s a genuine moderate. Plus he’s just so dang affable. McCain and Romney/Pawlenty/Ridge wil have a tough time getting attacks on him to stick. He’s one of the last gentleman left in the senate.

On the down side, Obama tempted fate by waiting and waiting and end up being scooped by a local station in Kansas City. I chalk this one up to Obama’s arrogance. After months of hyper-controlled secrecy, he may have been burned. Let this be a lesson to McCain.

Assuming the story is not true, it’s the most elaborate smoke screen in history and Obama has botched this badly. MSNBC is reporting that Obama may have printed materials bearing the names of multiple VP’s. Frankly, if true, it’s disgusting. Imagine being Evan Bayh and finding out there are thousands of bumper stickers sporting your name and that you were, essentially, used.

Let’s hope the original leak, that Bayh is the pick, is the truth. Because the alternative is sophomoric, arrogant, and unbefitting the leader of the free world.