From the woman that brought you, “Yeah sure, that’s my recipe for oatmeal-butterscotch cookies and not from Hershey’s,” (June 2008) and “This is totally my passion fruit mousse recipe and not Rachel Ray’s,” (April 2008) comes an even bigger Whopper not sold by that creepy Burger King guy.

Cindy McCain says that she was an only child. But that’s not true. Lady McCain has not just one, but two sisters. In fact, as Wednesday’s Washington Post reports, late patriarch and beer distribution king John Hensley favored and acknowledged Cindy McCain’s existence and left her the bulk of his empire although he did sire two other daughters.

The only child gaffe highlights a major problem with the tenor of the 2008 presidential campaign. The campaign has been framed as a referendum on the Obamas, which is fair since Barack Obama has been on the political scene only a fraction of John McCain’s senatorial tenure. But forget the Obamas for a moment. In light of Cindy McCain’s lies, what do we know about the McCains?

Only thing we know is that Cindy McCain has yet-again been caught in a botoxed-face lie. But the media, with its growing inability to actually discern fib from fact, will likely brush Cindy McCain’s latest gaffe aside with the euphemism du jour and say Mrs. McCain misspoke.

Yeah, right, misspoke. Just like Hillary Clinton misspoke about being under sniper-fire; or, how President Bush misspoke about firing people in his administration for outing a CIA operative; or, Bill Clinton misspeaking about “not having sexual relations with that woman;” etceteras, etceteras.

So why would Cindy McCain lie about being an only child? Perhaps she wanted to relate to Americans somehow. Maybe with the bogus recipes she wanted to color herself as a Holly Homemaker type that Hillary Clinton said that she didn’t fit in 1992. But maybe Cindy McCain just wants to distract us from the fact that she is head of the largest beer distributor in America and she is all about business.

Sure, Mrs. McCain visited Rwanda earlier this month, but let’s not forget that she had to divest $2 million worth of investments with companies doing business with brutal Sudanese government responsible for genocidal acts — after the media made stink about it. And thanks to her lucrative cache of Anheuser-Busch stock, Cindy McCain actually got richer thanks to Belgium-based brewery InBev taking over the American icon. Cindy McCain isn’t your warm and fuzzy First Lady type. This lady is a stone cold businesswoman. And big business is about the only thing with lower approval ratings than the fellow currently residing in The White House.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama is so “risky” as stay at home mom who leaves the politics to her husband. And that’s too bad. Mrs. Obama apparently has a mean recipe for apple cobbler, and that’s a lot closer to good ol’ American apple pie than the crow Cindy McCain should be serving.