It’s time for McCain and Obama to take a buzz saw to the buzz and actually pick their Veep choices. For months we’ve debated the pros and cons of everyone from Hillary to Huckabee and Richardson to Romney. The guessing games are about to end.

So why not go out with a bang? Make your picks for BOTH parties in the comments section below. Everyone who correctly picks the Obama Veep will go in a hat and a winner will be drawn. Then the same for McCain’s Veep.

One winner will be drawn from each hat. Both winners will receive signed copies of my four novels, including an advance copy of my newest, Recovering Charles due in stores 9/16.

Anyone who picks BOTH correctly will ALSO be entered in a third drawing to win the same collection of books PLUS a crisp $100 dollar bill to use as a bookmark.

You MUST make BOTH picks BEFORE Obama announces his Veep later this week. The deadline is 5 seconds before the news leaks on Drudge 🙂

Winners will be drawn as soon as BOTH picks are announced and posted at PD. Happy picking!

(Feel free to participate in Keegan’s post as well. But note that winning his contest only gets you a “Ted Kennedy for Chappaquiddick Mayor” bumper sticker.)