Obama has left his 11 bedroom beach house in Honalulu and will meet up (although be it briefly) with John McCain in Southern California tonight. The two are meeting at Saddleback Church, in Lake Forest, California at a forum being hosted by Pastor Rick Warren, known for his best-seller A Purpose Driven Life.

McCain holds a significant lead over Obama among evangelicals.

A CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll, taken July 27-29, showed that among white, born-again or evangelical voters, 67 percent are for McCain, with 24 percent for Obama. Although it’s a strong showing for McCain, he’s lagging 11 percentage points behind President Bush in the 2004 election. Exit polls show that Bush beat Sen. John Kerry 78 percent to 21 percent among these voters.

Warren says the forum will focus on stewardship, leadership, worldview and America’s role overseas. Pastor Warren gave an overview of the forum on The Early Show:

The forum can be viewed tonight at 8pm on Fox News and CNN. It is also being streamed live at CNN.com Live.