Most of you know I live in Virginia, home to what was once thought to be a “hotly contested” race to replace retiring Senator John Warner. But from the day Mark Warner announced his candidacy I knew this race was 99% over. Then republicans in the Commonwealth nominated a pro-choice moderate (Gilmore), fresh off his hugely successful presidential run, to run against another pro-choice moderate, Warner who had the wisdom to stay out of the white house race for now.

Race fans, this thing is done. Unless Warner gets caught at a Best Western with a crack smoking circus midget (or “little person”, for my PC readers), he can stop campaigning and coast to victory. Anyone disagree?

New numbers from Rasmussen:

Warner Still Way Ahead in Virginia’s Senate Race
Thursday, August 14, 2008

Former Democratic Governor Mark Warner’s lead continues to grow over former Republican Governor Jim Gilmore in Virginia’s race for the United States Senate. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the state finds Warner on top 59% to 33%. Last month, Warner enjoyed a 57% to 34% lead.

When “leaners” are included, the Democrat now leads 61% to 35%.

Warner is viewed favorably by 68%, up slightly from 66% in July.

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