OK, pull yourself off the floor, I know that number astounds you. There are other interesting tidbits from a new Rasmussen survey. Lefties (yes, I’m talking to you Barack Keegan) will probably only focus on the Fox numbers.

The survey says that 88% of Fox viewers are likely to vote for McCain. Yes, that’s a ridiculous number, even I agree, but I bet the dems will pin that to their bathroom mirrors and scream about bias but ignore the findings about the major broadcast newscasts.

From Rasmussen:

Seventy percent (70%) of those who watch CBS’ Katie Couric every day plan to vote for Obama, as do 71% of the daily viewers of ABC’s Charles Gibson and 67% of those watching NBC’s Brian Williams.

No, the numbers 70, 71 and 67 aren’t as flashy as 88. But the broadcast networks have far more viewers than cable news and even Katie averages millions more per broadcast than the top Fox prime time show. (The other BO)

What does it all mean? You tell me.