Another fun guest spot from RedStateEddio:

From time to time, my 10 year old son likes to publish his own newspaper, circulation about 7—that’s including grandparents. It’s been handwritten and photocopied, but now he gone digital by putting it on Word. He’s been “publishing” his own newspapers and books off and on since he was 4 and has written some excellent vignettes like Home Cat, Race, and The Forest Creatures. Penguins of the Caribbean is my all time favorite. Unfortunately, none of them will be available on Kindle anytime soon—he password-encrypted them but has since forgotten the code. And I get my copies free because I supply the ink for the copier (technically, I guess that makes me the printer).

So in the latest edition, he wrote an editorial. He’s liking the concept of an op-ed more and more. Skip the news—I have an opinion to pass along. It’s now on the front page. So here was his latest rant in the Monday edition after perusing through the papers we get delivered (and actually pay for). I thought you’d enjoy it:

McCain to raise taxes – Sen. John McCain has said that he may raise taxes. The type was specified by a big word I cannot remember. But taxes are taxes no matter what type. And McCain had previously vowed not to raise taxes. Have we made the wrong choice? Have we, as Americans, abused the fact that we have a voice in this community?

*Note from David – wow, when he puts it that way, it sounds a lot like “Read my lips, no new taxes”, doesn’t it?

Me thinks we have a budding libertarian in our midst. Or, if you ask his mother, a real pain in the patootie – just like his dad.