I blogged on this a while back, and most of you (in some cases, quite violently) disagreed with me. But former Pennsylvania governor Tom Ridge has been getting more whispers as of late, and now his name has come up in a piece on CNN.com:

Pennsylvania’s Ridge is being mentioned with increasing frequency. He’s a fellow Vietnam veteran who led Pennsylvania with an impressive record of tax cuts and budget restraints.

Ridge deserves a second look, especially if Obama taps Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine as his No. 2. An Obama-Kaine duo would almost certainly put Virginia’s 13 Electoral College votes even more in play for the first time since 1964, shifting the battleground to Pennsylvania and its 21 electoral votes.

I am friendly with some politically connected folks here in PA, and they swear up-and-down that before its all said and done, Ridge will get a serious look. I gave Jason my take on the state of the VP races last night, and didn’t include Ridge in it. But now I’d have to say he’s at least got a punchers chance at joining the ticket.