• Stephen Fountain

    I second that!

    Stephen lived in the state of Virginia!
    His frineds thought the race, he could win-a!

    He threw his name in a hat,
    but then tripped over a cat.

    He should have run for president of Kenya!

    • Jason Wright, Editor

      On behalf of everyone at PD, including those silent types reading this but not piping in, I BEG Whodat to write one of his patented whimsical verses to replace the bad taste Stephen has left in our virtual mouths ;-)

  • David Kaiser

    Actually that works on many levels, including the old “Who’s on first” routine:

    Bob: Who is getting your vote for President?

    Ed: Fountain!

    Bob: Whodat?

    Ed: Exactly, that’s the ticket.

  • Gary Russell

    I recommend Whodat for Stephen’s running mate.

  • David Kaiser

    Let’s wait to see if Patrick endorses him. That’s the litmus.

  • Jason Wright, Editor

    I sent Stephen my check today for the federal FEC max. Anyone else?

    • Stephen Fountain

      Hmmmm. You sure you used the 4digit zip code extension?

  • Cordeiro

    I won’t believe it till I see him on the Power Rankings.

  • David

    Show me your Fundraising and I will consider you. Also are you to the right or left?

  • David Kaiser

    OK. Somebody had waaaaaaaaaay too much time on their hands.