Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, long a powerful and influential figure in the Senate, is facing political extinction after his indictment on charges of making false statements involving his acceptance of inappropriate gifts. The National Review Online has gone so far as to call for his immediate resignation.

Stevens’ dilemma only worsens a potential disaster in the 2008 election in the Senate, where at the moment, the Republicans are in danger of losing a lot of ground. Currently, GOP seats are in serious danger in Alaska, New Mexico, Colorado, Virginia and New Hampshire.

Here’s one rather interesting point the NRO made about Stevens:

One of Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens’s most memorable moments of the last few years came during the Senate fight over the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere.” In 2005, when Sen. Tom Coburn introduced a measure that would have redirected the money Stevens had earmarked for the bridge to hurricane-ravaged New Orleans, Stevens gave an apoplectic speech on the Senate floor in which he threatened to resign if the Senate passed the measure. It was the nation’s loss that the Senate voted the measure down, simultaneously missing two opportunities.

Classy Ted. Real classy. Why don’t you take some poor kid’s lollipop while you’re at it?


  • Dominick

    IF you know Stevens…regardless of your political affiliation you would say…Couldn’t have happened to a less than nicer guy.

  • RedstateEddio

    Ted who?

  • kristen

    That ‘bridge to nowhere’ should be an earmark to nowhere… in never going to happen. What a joke. Govt spending is out of control.

  • Jason Wright, Editor

    Easy now folks, we do believe in innocent until proven guilty, right? I’m no fan of the senator, but maybe we shouldn’t throw him under the bus until he’s found guilty of something.

    Then, assuming he is, let’s throw him under and run over his carcass repeatedly.

    • Troy La Mana

      That’s obvious Jason. BUt my point stands. The only way to have a strong GOP is to get rid of the ones that make it weak.

  • Troy La Mana

    I don’t care if you have a D or a R next to your name. If you have betrayed the American people you have to pay the price.

  • ShawnN

    Patrick, I was with you all the way until you made your “lollipop” remark. This is the problem with Democrats, they never see the part their side plays in the overal problem. You should have extended your remarks to the other 81 Senators, including Obama, who capitulated to Stevens and defeated the Coburn measure. Your remarks would seem to indicate that Obama is just as guilty of “taking lollipops from kids” with his vote.

    It’s not JUST a Democrat or JUST a Republican problem, BOTH parties are out of controll…

  • David

    Serves the GOP Right, they should have kicked him out years ago instead of letting him run again.

    A disappointed conservative