• Dominick

    Which one do you want to stand in for me again for that “private time” Cindy…The young guy who looks like a Democrat or the little guy with the beard who looks like a Libertarian art history major?

  • Troy La Mana

    Hey Cindy, here’s a guy who thinks Obama makes sense!

  • Eric

    He’s got a party tonight. Hook him up with a keg, will ya’ babe?

  • Brian

    You want to do what to him?

  • dw

    Cindy! This guy thought you were my granddaughter!

  • RedstateEddio

    Cindy! I looked like this guy 50 years ago!

  • Eric

    Hey! This is the guy that put my head in that Madonna video you liked so much.

  • David

    Cindy, Cindy, Look, I knew his grandfather before the war!!!

  • S

    Cindy auditions to be on American Idol, while McCain tries to get votes from the crowds. After they election they plan to travel around the country as a singing duo, trying to salvage there reputations.

  • Pdiddy

    Cindy! Cindy! He thinks you’re hot! I told you you still bring the heat!