Earlier today Stephen posted the much-buzzed McCain ad portraying Obama as the World’s Biggest Celebrity. The Obama camp has already fired back.

So which is more effective? (And can we hear from a liberal or two, por favor? We know you’re lurking…)


  • RedstateEddio

    I think the hero part came after he got shot down. It takes a hero to withstand torture and not give in to the enemy’s propoganda for 5+ years. Just MHO, since I’ve never endured it. Did you?

  • Curt

    I can not see how some people on PD are so down on Obama, When McCain is put on as a war hero when you look at the facts. How many pilots were shot down to the number of pilots that where there and I think you will find out that McCain was just a bad pilot. People seem to use the term hero loosely, every fireman, police officer, and military person new what the risk was when they took the job nobody forced them. I was in the service and when I went in (1962), I new what it was. So a hero is the one who thourght himself on a garnade to save his buddies.

  • Alaina

    It’s funny how his verbal response was about McCain always talking about him and how McCain’s ads don’t reflect his policy. Well… I didn’t see any reflection of Obama’s policy in that ad.

  • Eric

    I thought the McCain ad was a little more interesting because of the video editing and use of the World Tour imagery. The Obama ad was, well, a typical political ad.

  • Mike

    I wrote this on another section but I should repeat it here.

    This guy is a joke, how come in his this advertisment it ended with “Barack Obama President”. not For President but President.

    The election seems like a waste of time we should just give it to him.

  • Chris

    over here a liberal is not such a dirty word, in fact very few people want to be called “conservative”

    I love contrasting these kind of commercials with what is going on with us. Our Prime Minister Gordon Brown (come on, you know the one, he replaced Tony Blair) is crumbling and either likely to be replaced or hammered at the next election. Still, none of his rivals, both in his own party or his opposition would dare issue personal attacks and quite frankly, any kind of political commercial is likely to turn off voters.

    I personally think its a shame though, I always saw both Senators McCain and Obama as decent men and I don’t like the way campaigns are always dragged down to this level. If these two can’t keep it civil then no-one ever will.

    • RedstateEddio

      I agree with the sentiments, but the comments in the ad are nothing new with Obama. He’s been quoting the line “the failed policies of the Bush Admin” since Iowa in January. He did it all through the primaries, and he started linking McCain to that line as early as April/May.

      He’s just now adding the pom-pom squad’s cheeleading comments (NYT and the MSM) to the effort.

      McCain’s strategy has to be like a bulldog ripping into the facade that is Obama and expose the reality behind the image management. If he plays genteel politics, he’s done.

      All Obama has to do is float policy ideas and comments that might sound and look similar to McCain, and paint himself as a better personality with charisma, since he’s got the media stacked in his favor.

      • Chris

        “Failed policies of the Bush administration”, I have no problem with that statement, that’s politics not personal. Its the personal insults and character stuff that bothers me.

        Still, don’t envy Senator McCain trying to place himself close enough to the President to appeal to the base and far enough away to appeal to the great many, including traditional Republicans, who would think this President’s policies has been nothing short of disasterous.

        Also, I must admit, as someone watching from afar, I love the outrage from PD contributors when something is said against their man.

        My take on it? I have a prefered candidate, but think that both would be better than President Bush

        • RedstateEddio

          You weren’t one of the 200K hanging out with the Obie-wan in Berlin, were you? I thought I saw you in the crowd… ;-)

          I actually don’t think either ad hits on personal stuff. Both are about policies, taxes, oil, and challenge the notion of whether or not that candidate should lead based on those positions.

          To me, it’s not as much attacks on McCain that get my dander up. It’s the presumption of perfection of the Obie-wan, and that this perception is based on far-left positions here in the US. (I realize they may be more mainstream in the UK and Europe, but we don’t live there. We live here.)

          Perfection = far-left policies? Not anywhere close in my book. Hence the need to reveal the truth and knock him down a few pegs.

          • Chris

            Yeah, you have a point. Actually I was thinking beyond just these ads, personal attacks or insults are pretty commonplace (in our Parliament you can get thrown out for calling someone a liar or dishonest)

            I take your point about the difference between the political and social climates over here as opposed to over there, but you must apprecaite just how big an impact what you guys do has on us.

            Trust me that we are on your side and want the best for you and from you, but in terms of foreign policy, the environment, trade policies etc, the last 8 years have been as bad as they get. The world is looking forward to getting a new president.

            Sometimes I worry that you guys don’t look beyond your borders, that domestic policy is more important to the exclusion of the wider world, but if you take a look you would see just how relevant it is for you; you would see that China owns a massive amount of your national debt, you would see that some religions are radicalising, others are dying, you would see rainforests disappearing rapidly, you would see icebergs melting, the sea rising and the earth heating up, you would see countries starving in Somalia and Zimbabwe and you would see that Berlin is in Germany not in the UK!

            • RedstateEddio

              Now come on, Chris. You know I knew the difference betwen DE and UK. I mean it’s not like their royalty was all intermarried and ethnically connected or something… ;-)

              Besides, the bigger issue this fall is going to be whether Man U rings up another trophy (dear Lord in heaven I hope not). I’m a Chelsea man meself, but I love a good dark horse with Pompey. You read it here first… :-)

        • http://www.politicalderby.com/ Jason Wright, Editor

          “I love the outrage from PD contributors when something is said against their man.”

          Are you suggesting the PD Contributors are all for McCain?

          • Chris

            My mistake, not “their man”, should have said “the side” or “their position”. I can see that many “conservatives” are not necessarily fans of Senator McCain, or “liberals” of Senator Obama.

  • ShawnN

    MSNBC, USA Today, The New York Times, Time…in other words his media campaign staff.

  • kristen

    Using pathetic quotes from MSNBC, NY Times, and Time magazine to claim that McCain’s assertions are ‘false’ and ‘baloney’? Please. To me that’s ineffective and desperate. It almost seems to have the whole ‘McCain’s picking on me’ mantra that Obama just can’t seem to get over.

    McCain’s ad isn’t fabulous, but definitely more effective.

  • Troy La Mana

    I think the Obama ad is more Old Politics then McCain. At least McCain is giving you something to think about.