Effective? You be the judge. I guess any remaining questions about whether McCain is willing to attack Obama can be settled.


  • AndDru1

    Just saw Obama’s tit-for-tat ad in response to this one. It was actually worse, believe it or not.

  • Brian H

    Karl Rove has said that you dont attack your opponents weaknesses, you attack their strengths. Obama’s strength (his only) is his popularity due to his image. J-Mack needs to destroy Obama’s image by redicule and mockary. I agree, the Obama Summer 2008 World Tour will hurt Obama in the next 9o+ days. That is, if J-Mack gets aggressive to destroy the likability of Barry-Barak-Hussein-General Zod-Obama-the Messiah Obama.

    I would play Obama’s three pointer in every add I ran against him. That image is bad for Obama. I can find bad three point shooters at my local YMCA, I dont need that from my Commander-in-Chief.

    I would also start reminding people what it will look like seeing Barry get soluted by US Marines.

  • Raymond

    Ok now I can see it… wow, straight to the point…

  • Raymond

    When I click on the video it says the video is no longer available… is this just my computer or is it the link?

  • http://www.politicalderby.com/ Jason Wright, Editor

    The ad is just OK, but the message is brilliant. Obama’s world tour had the look of an A-List celebrity promoting a new movie. I’m tell you, I think is McCain’s best chance to win. If he can effectively paint Obama as an elitist celebrity with no substance, J-Mac can win in November.

    It’s EXACTLY why the polls are so close.

    I, for one, think Obama’s World Tour was a marketing and messaging mistake.

    • Alaina

      I couldn’t agree more!!!

    • AndDru1

      While I agree that McCain needs to reveal Obama for the elitist that he is, the way to do that is to expose Obama’s ideology and worldview as elitist. (which they are) Instead, all I see out of the McCain campaign and Republicans is to try and attack Mr. Obama like they would John Kerry, and that’s just not gonna fly (because when it comes to being people of privilege, the slipper fits the McCains much better than the Obamas).

      As far as the add is concerned, I would have loved to see some sort of a contrast, instead they only attack Obama which looks like a hit piece. And was it just me, or did the whole higher taxes comment seem out of place? Talk about his wanting to scale down our defense, or his wanting to teach sex education to kindergardeners. But taxes? idk…

      The way to bring Obama down to size is to use a three pronged attack.

      1) Expose his ideology and worldview as elitist, show that he differs from and even looks down on average Americans. Focus on his out of step social policies and beliefs. Maybe even show the American people what life would be like 4 years from now if Obama got elected.

      2) Expose his lack of experience and and overall inflated persona as nothing more than a carefully crafted facade. (www.hypemovie.com) Focus on his lack of accomplishments and substance.

      3) I would also remind America of the fact that he is still pretty much a dangerous unknown and that he could really do anything if elected president. Use all the votes he missed to highlight what we don’t know about him and remind the American people of his more questionable associations.

      • kristen

        I was thinking the same thing about the taxes (it just seemed out of place). This ad started out beautifully, then kinda fell flat. McCain is smart to focus on the fact that Obama’s just another celebrity: popular but lacking substance.

  • Eric

    It makes perfect sense to me.
    Obama has to sing and dance. McCain has to fight.

    They must campaign in different ways. Obama must fill arenas and overwhelm America through popularity. McCain has to climb into the ring and land the most punches. They won’t be “knock out” punches, but he has to try to grind Obama (or his image) down.

  • chloegirl

    Effective- hardly. Funny that McCain would “approve” such a silly message. He is really grasping for straws here.