• Brian H

    E.T. Phone 1-900 numbers.

  • ShawnN

    Who knew that all those movies depicting hot alien women from outer space that suck the energy out of human men were accurate?

    Who knew?

  • David

    Kucinich shows off the wife he found at his UFO sighting

  • Gary Russell

    “Beauty and the Least.”

  • Whodat in Texas

    Hey, a free ticket is a free ticket… No matter how SHORT the ride.

    Whodat believes in “closing time romances”

    • RedstateEddio

      Are you saying she had beer goggles on?

  • kristen

    A remake of ‘The Odd Couple’.

  • RedstateEddio

    “Look. commander Zebot. I’ve acquired one of these native creaures, called a woman. I’m now burning my spaceship and staying put on earth. This is my last transmission.”

  • cld9

    “hypnosis works! If I can get her for a wife, just think what I can do to the nation! “

  • Pdiddy

    she whispers: “hey buddy, photos are extra…”

  • Brian H

    The best example yet of why I should go green.

  • JE

    Kucinich reminds of the one reason we should have voted for himm in the primary…look what we could have had for first lady!

  • Troy La Mana

    Who know Dennis Kucinichs’ wife was so hot. What do you mean that’s not his wife?

    • Dominick

      Denny, I told you to wear the 6-inch elevator shoes instead of the 3-inch just in case the paparrazi showed up.