• JK

    Obama did it, in the study, with a statue.

  • Dominick

    I’d like you to meet the top contender for my Vice President. He meets all the key criteria the pundits are listing: he is white, much shorter than I, never speaks out of turn, is very much concerned about global warming (especially that artic melty thing), and although I have it on good authority he is a Democrat, he also can be made to be post-partisan.

  • Brian H

    Now see….If they could only walk on water like I can, they would not drown when the ice caps melt.

  • RedstateEddio

    When you put him in water, he cries out, “Save me Al Gore; you’re my only hope!”

  • John Mac

    Gee Barack, I don’t know why the bear’s white…maybe it’s a polar bear! Now don’t get misty on me, Princess.

  • dw

    Tickle-me-Elmo has a green cousin – Tickle-me-Polar-Bear. See, if you tickle him here he says, “I love Al Gore”.

  • Eric

    It’s so hard to pick out graven images for the new Jerusalem Temple.

  • Gary Russell

    Only slightly off-topic…

    Check out this article. Funny, yet sadly true.


    • Fabs

      That article is really kind of sick and pretty funny at the same time. The perception aspects are sadly true, but I’m not so sure that all that was prophesied will come to pass if he’s elected.

    • ShawnN

      “King Bill the Priapic”

      That’s the funniest description of Bill Clinton I have ever heard!

      • Gary Russell

        Gotta admit – I had to Google that one to see what it meant!

  • kristen

    We’re going to pulverize these and turn them in to alternative sources of energy. Pretty great, huh?

  • kristen

    This is the god of the underworld; my god, and soon to be your god.

  • Gary Russell

    Typical white bear…

    • Pdiddy

      winner :)

  • Troy La Mana

    This bear has the brain power of our typical Democratic voter.

  • David

    This is to commemorate Global Warming, oh, you mean the ice is growing in Antartica???