• justuw8

    WOuld you and John Edward’s love child like some tomatoes?

  • Rusty Shackelford

    Is that arugula?

  • cld9

    “Did these come from the U.S.?”

  • Eric

    Marvin Suggs conducts the All-Food Glee Club in their rendition of “Yes, We Have No Bananas.”

  • Eric

    “Yep, lycopene. Lycopene over here and roughage over there. Never take a good prostate OR a good movement for granted. That’s what I say.”

  • http://www.blogsformitt.com Rick

    “I think I saw these on the Internet once.”

  • JE

    “When I was your age Americans had to pick those. See ‘undocumented workers’ are a good thing!”

  • RedstateEddio

    “Cindy said I should pick up some of that passion fruit while I’m at the store.”

    “Obama claims we’ll be putting those in our gas tanks in a few years.”

    [Ed. note – J-Mac’s gotta stop appearing in pix with tanned, attractive women. It’s making him look more and more like Wilfred Brimley (some old fart) instead of a presidential candidate. Either that or rub fake tanning lotion on his head and use some grecian formula, please!]

  • Lisa

    We can eat these now, right?

  • dw

    McCain – “Wait! Don’t tell me… I know what those round red things are… Ummm… Ooooh… Wait! I remember! Those are… tomatoes.”

    Lady – “Very good, Senator. Now, explain to me again how your plan to deal with illegal imigrants is a good thing?”

  • Yeszir

    In this week’s who can look most out of place competition…John McCain takes first with a suit in grocery store and woman half his age…would have been Obama in Jerusalem but that’d be racist

  • S

    This week on “Wife Swap” John McCain tries to revive his Presidential campaign by showing a softer side

  • Pdiddy

    McCain: “Nice melons.”

    • Dominick

      Excuse me for a moment Mrs. Smith; I need to grab a gross of those fresh prunes for the ruffage cabinet in the straight Talk Express.