So Barack Obama has now made his first ever trip to Berlin. I can’t wait to see the T-shirt sales from the 2008 Obamamania tour. He’s drawn huge crowds at every venue, whether it be the hotel gym at the Berlin Ritz Carlton or downtown at the Siegessäule.

The MSM – currently following Obama around like a bunch of love-sick band groupies – immediately compared Obama’s speech to those made by Jack Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. In the unitary mind of the MSM, Obama has already won the White House – its only a matter of time before he and Michelle start making really important decisions, namely what color curtains to put in the Oval Office.

There’s one glaring difference between the speeches made by Kennedy and Reagan and that made by Obama today. Both Kennedy and Reagan earned the right to stand in Berlin. Barack Obama has not earned any such right.

Kennedy and Reagan stood in Berlin during different decades but with the same enemy. They both looked across the Iron Curtain and poked America’s finger in the eye of the Soviet Union. Kennedy stood in solidarity with the citizens of West Berlin – even to the point of getting away with calling himself a jelly donut in the process. Reagan dared Gorbachev to “tear down this wall” despite the best effort of linguini-spined State Department staffers who feared he was being too bold.

What risk did Obama take with his speech today? Not one. He decried Boston commuters and Beijing manufacturers for contributing to Global Warming. Notably spared by his wrath were the Germans – long manufacturers of some of the world’s finest carbon emitting motor vehicles. Kennedy and Reagan wanted to help Europe grow closer to America. Obama would have America become more European.

Obama is now basking in the glow of what, by all reports will be a “successful” foreign tour. There was one type of venue notably absent from his Rock Star tour – any US military base. Evidently the Dali Bama had planned to visit Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, but the trip was deep-sixed because campaign staff would not be allowed to go with the Senator.

[Side note – Landstuhl Regional Medical Center is often the first place wounded soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines are sent to if their injuries cannot be tended to in the combat zone hospitals]

So, here’s the moral of this story: no campaign staff or cameras = no Obama. He can make time for the media cheerleaders, throngs of foreign nationals, and any other wanna-be celebrity willing to lavish him with undeserved praise. But if you’re an American serviceman or woman – or one of their family members living as a stranger in a strange land – Obama can’t give you the time of day.

I’m sorry, Mr. Obama. You may have managed to buy a speaking platform in Berlin, but you didn’t earn it.


  • Dominick

    Regardless if one doesn’t or does support Obama, this is some of the most self-rightous hot air in written form I’ve read in ages…lol.

    You appointed you the arbitrator of who earns what?

    Even McCain, and rightly so, encouragesd Obama to travel on this trip, as he has done himself–and will do more of–during the campaign.

    How silly to not think it a good idea for any candidate for U.S. President not travel abraod during the campaign, just as foreign candidates often come to the U.S. (If nothing else it gives us a break from them.)

    Sometimes over partisan blather ends up sounding just like that, along with seeming a lot like the channeling of the barely-educated Sean Hannity…To paraphrase John McCain: ‘You my friend have managed to achieve just that in your piece.’ Congratulations.

  • Cordeiro

    I submit that Obama was welcome to visit with all the wounded servicemen and women he wanted to. The people who were not welcome were Obama’s entourage. No entourage, no Barack. Go figure.

  • Cordeiro

    Eric – are you proposing that Obama adopt the Mylie Cyrus song “I might even be a rock star” as his campain theme? Brilliant!

    • Eric

      Actually, my children don’t fit the HM demographic, so I have been spared the knowledge of this one. BUT after listening to the song online (it rocked, except when she was singing), your suggestion is genius.

      I have serious doubts, however, that Obama can change a flat on my car.

  • Ron

    Oh, wait a minute. It appears as though he didn’t visit the hospital because the Pentagon didn’t want him to. Not because there wouldn’t be enough cameras or press or because us Democrats have “disdain” for those who serve in the military. It was simply out of respect. A rock star with respect! We haven’t had one of those since Aretha Franklin.

    • Eric

      This is a good point. But respecting the pentagon’s wishes can’t be the whole story. I honestly don’t get it. The senator could have and should have visited the wounded. I’m not placing blame or assuming motivation. I just think there has to be more to the story than what that CNN article said.

  • Ron

    I am glad Cordeiro is deciding who earns the right to speak in Germany now. Apparently his opinion outweighs that of 200,000 cheering Germans.

    Oh, and I do recall him meeting with those “strangers” in “strange lands” at such “rock star” venues as Iraq and Afghanistan just a few days ago. You and your goldfish memory might recall that if it was at all convenient for your argument.

    On a quick side note though, I must say that this is my favorite blog. It enlightens me. I thank you for that, my fellow Political Derbians.

    • Raymond

      200,000 Cheering Germans who were all baked from the reggae performance before hand, I would say 3/4ths of the people there had no idea who he was. (90% of all statistics can be made to say anything…50% of the time lol)

      Come on now, he said, “My father was an African goathearder” and they cheered for 15 seconds” seriously?

      By the way Obama isn’t the first up and coming politician who is a skilled orator to whip 200,000 Germans into a frenzy… seems like that may have happened at some point in the not too distant past, hmmmm…lets face it the opinion of 200,000+ Germans CAN be wrong.

  • kristen

    Apparently on his trip to Iraq, he completely ignored, as in didn’t even wave at, the military who were lined up all day just to greet him. No…he had to head to his armored car. He did not shake one hand, say one ‘thank-you’, give one word of encouragement or gratitude. But hey–he had time to have his publicity basketball shots taken.

    Disgraceful…and completely embarrassing.

    And this is the guy wants to be Commander-In-Chief?!

    • Eric

      No, he doesn’t. He wants to be a rock star. The first Executive role listed in the Constitution is that of Commander in Chief, but I guess that means healing the world through legislated niceness–according to foreign standards.

  • Troy La Mana

    It just shows the true disdain of liberals for anyone who serves in the military.

  • East-of-Eden

    Why is no one even mentioning this

    Because facts are tricky things that Team Obama hopes you’ll ignore.

  • Raymond

    Everyone is reporting the huge numbers of people that where there to hear Obama’s speech. An estimated 200,000!!!

    The problem is that no one is mentioning that two of the most popular acts in Germany (reggae artist Patrice and rock band Reamonn) played a free concert before Obama graced us with his “I believe in a hope of a change that yes we can all be a citizen of the world” speech. Why is no one even mentioning this.

    • Whodat in Texas

      Most interesting point, Raymond! I had not heard that! I sent Fox News a couple of e-mails asking why they did not report the rock concert angle of crowd building.

      Heck, I guess a few thousand people might show up to hear ol’ Whodat if Willie Nelson would give a free concert first… Better yet, wonder if Shakira would…

      Whodat love dat Shakira too much

      • dw

        This is not new. BO followed a concert in Oregon during his battle with the Hildabeast. Again, the MSM failed to note the concert warm-up, which featured the playing of the (former) Soviet national anthem.

        Obama also has found support from the Grateful Dead, who reunited just for an Obama rally…

        But, all that matters are the numbers, right?

      • RedstateEddio

        Same things happened to John Kerry in ’04. Bruce Springsteen played a mini-concert before Lurch’s speech, so it looked like he was maxing out stadiums. Must have been his passionate oratory skills. Yeah right…

  • Whodat in Texas

    There is a whole bunch that dad did not tell me, but I just can’t figure out if Obama is running for U.S. President or President of the World, or what…

    And, he goes to a Nazi monument to give a speech which has some criticism of our USA…

    And, he says what socialist Europeans like to hear…

    I’m starting to really like John McCain a lot! Yes, it’s sort of like deciding on a date at closing time, but if you’re not near the one you love, love the one that is THERE…

    And, not the one giing speech in a country we have had to whip twice in world wars, and not some other socialist 2nd tier country who does little but bark at us while we carry the load.

    Whodat not impressed. But, how did it play in Peoria?

    • Gary Russell

      I love it, Whodat…

      “Love the One You’re With”…

      If you can’t be with the one you love, honey, love the one you’re with…

      Wouldn’t it be a hoot if McCain would use that song as his official campaign song?!