Being accused of being a “flip flopper” in politics is almost as bad as being called a child predator at a PTA meeting by that crazy neighbor who smells like BenGay and granola.

I was there at PAC in 2007 when an anti-Romney college student desperate for beer money walked the convention hallways dressed in a dolphin costume. That was the beginning of a very effective campaign to paint Romney as someone willing to flip flop for political gain. (Remember McCain’s devastating line toward Romney at the January 5th debate? “…I agree you are the candidate of change…” My 3rd grader could have delivered it better, but the line was a defining moment just days before J-Mac’s comeback in NH.)

It’s the same strategy that cost Senator Jacque Kerry the White House in 2004.

In the case of Globe Trotter Obama, a non-profit called Let Freedom Ring has taken a creative step beyond flip flopping to describe the democratic nominee. See their ad below:

Can it work?