John McCain made an appearance at the NAACP convention today.

“I am a candidate for president who seeks your vote and hopes to earn it. But whether or not I win your support, I need your goodwill and counsel,” said McCain, as the crowd gave him his most extended applause. “And should I succeed, I’ll need it all the more.”

While McCain showed up looking for support from the NAACP, he might also be looking for a different kind of support. Accompanying him to the convention was former Lt. Gov. Michael Steele. After the speech Steele commented:

“Barack is going to take more than the lion’s share of the black vote. But that doesn’t and has not stopped John McCain from competing for that vote. And I think that says a lot about the kind of president he is going to be — that he doesn’t just see this as an election opportunity, that he sees this as an opportunity for America to right a lot of wrongs certainly but to grow together — the idea of every boat being lifted at the same time, and I think that’s a powerful message.”

Could Michael Steele be interviewing for the VP slot? Would he even take the job? McCain could make a lot worse decisions in filling the VP slot. But a Steele selection might have the appearance of a little too much pandering.