Things that will be happening on Monday, September 28, 2008:

  • Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown
  • Week 4 of the NFL Season wraps up with the Pittsburgh Steelers hosting the Baltimore Ravens on ESPN’s Monday Night Football
  • The Congressional ban on oil drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) expires

Powerline’s John Hinderaker notes that in order for the non-Dynamic Duo of House Speaker The Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Dusty Harry (D-Circus Circus) to keep gas prices at or above the $4/gallon mark they will have to act very publicly to do so – just days before the general election. My understanding of the legislative process leads me to believe that if they do nothing, the drilling ban expires and there will be a mad dash to the OCS by every person who ever even thought about drilling for Black Gold.

I seriously doubt the militant environmental BANANA lobby will allow the congressional drill ban to go quietly into the night. This means there is a distinct possibility said lobby will exert pressure sufficient to require a vote on an extension of that economy crippling drilling ban. Both presidential candidates would have the opportunity to cast what might be the defining vote of their respective senatorial careers.

With W having rescinded the Executive Order banning oil exploration/drilling on the OCS, the focus of attention about just who is responsible for America depriving her people of access to their own natural resources now falls squarely on Congressional Democrats.

Personally, I’m tired of sending far too much of my hard earned money to a bunch of Islamofacist Murdering Thugs (yes, Mahmoud, I’m talking about you) for a commodity which could and should be produced in America. It will be interesting to see if Obama will flip-flop on this issue or whether he’ll give McCain a giant club to beat him with all during the fall.