Here’s another little ditty from PD groupie Red State Eddio

In case you’ve missed the silent roar happening in the background, ObamaLand Ranch is having a slight tremor, a small earthquake, a shift in the dirt in the form of policy position changes in the last 60 days. Here’s a sampling of the ones I have caught or read about so far:

– Obama’s now pro NAFTA (tell that to the Canadians!)
– He’s not meeting personally with Mr Machmoody from Iran without pre-conditions
– He now supports welfare reform
– He now believes the D.C. handgun ban was unconstitutional (a real 2nd amendment guy!)
– He said he would accept public financing, and now he won’t
– He now supports immunity for telecommunications companies involved in terrorist surveillance
– He now says the death penalty is justified in certain extreme cases
– He’ll now listen to the commanders on the ground in Iraq if they tell him to phase out the troops slowly rather than pullout immediately (within 18 months of taking office)
– He’s now wearing a flag pin. All the time.

He took the opposite side in all of these issues through the primaries, as recently as June in certain cases. Apparently, he is ticking off some elements and factions of his primary base. Gee, I wonder why…

Look, Obama knows he can’t win on just positions; they’re untenable with the majority of the American population. Even with Bush fatigue, Americans are not going to swallow a massive shift in direction. So he’s got to find another way out of the corner he’s painted for himself (with the help of all of his rabid Obamalites, -cons, and whatever we’re calling them these days).

But he does know he can win on charisma. J-Mac’s been demonstrating all the charisma of a day-old donut, while Obama’s been looking like, well, a case of the bubbly after winning a championship—fresh golden champagne. He’d win in spades if it was a beauty and personality contest.

But this shift is a high risk operation. IF (big one) Obama pulls off the tack to center, he wins in November—hands down. If he’s able to convince the population that he’s just a more likable and charismatic version of J-Mac, then it’s over. He’s the 44th president of these United States. With policies that mimic each other, why choose grandpa when you’ve got the young, hip, cool cat supposedly going the same way?

What’s the risk? Only this: he runs the risk of painting himself as a charlatan, a fake, a phony who’s willing to change positions to get the poll numbers—a classic career pol maneuver. And if his image starts to take on that persona, then it’s over for him. He’s done. He gets toasted like bagels for breakfast.

From the Boston Phoenix:

“The mark of a good politician is that he can realign his post-nomination stance in a way that goes largely unnoticed. In contrast, Obama so far seems to be publicizing his flexibility, which is the kind of mistake inexperienced candidates often make. The more he attempts to moderate those attributes and his positions, the worse off he will be, especially since he will alienate his core supporters who provided the energy for his candidacy. In the end, he risks coming off as a phony—and, like Holden Caulfield, Americans don’t like phonies. Especially in the White House.”

But there are two even bigger issues in all this: 1) Where is the real Obama? Is he truly the radical leftist of the primary, or his he the moderately, slightly liberal guy who’s more like you and me (although being just right of Nancy Pelosi is really nothing to fawn over, ya know). Will any of us really get to know? And does even he know? 2) Doesn’t this show that McCain has had the inherently better positions on issues if Obama is trying to imitate him?

Dream (or nightmare) with me for a moment an Obama win in November. If in the near future afterwards we do enter into any sort of recession or depression-level economic circumstance (“to hell in a hand basket” as some predict it), will it be good to have an Obama, freshly painted pseudo-conservative as he appears here, at the helm? I believe the temptation will be too great for him to stay “center” and not move into “Rescue America 911” mode with liberal bailout programs galore. That’s his roots—or at least for the last 16 months it has.

[Of course, that begs the question will the Supremes be able to declare the constitutionality of any of his projects without Justice Fruitloops himself (Andrew Kennedy) basing his decision on which slipper he put on first that morning? “Let’s see, right or left?” But that’s another post.]

A prophetic voice once asked the question, “Can a leopard get rid of its spots?” Use all the spot remover you want—it’s still a leopard.