Apparently folks in Indiana heard about our CNN segment last week.

Bayh a popular pick for veep short list

Hoosier senator’s credibility and popularity could help Obama in key states, experts say
By Mary Beth Schneider

If Sen. Barack Obama popped the question, Sen. Evan Bayh would say yes.

But pundits and politicians agree that whether a political marriage will happen between Bayh and Obama on the Democratic presidential ticket is anybody’s guess.

“Anybody who knows isn’t talking, and anybody who’s talking doesn’t know,” said Charlie Cook, editor of the Washington-based Cook Political Report.

For Bayh, the speculation that he is on a vice presidential short list is nothing new. He has been mentioned as a potential running mate in almost every election since 1992, when he was a first-term governor who received national attention for winning Indiana’s top office in a predominantly Republican state.

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