• Scott

    Imagine Barrack Obama’s future political career if he a.) LOSES the 2008 general election, and b.) did NOT pick Hillary Clinton as the VP.

  • Al

    Love the commentary. And I especially love the pink tie.

  • Pdiddy

    I’m sorry, was Jason in that clip? I only saw the hottie Kiran. Wow wow wow. I’d forgotten how attractive she is on screen. Wish she hadn’t left Fox!!!

  • JohnnyRepublican

    Red State – That is just wrong…haha.

    Jason are you still humming the Mitt Romney as VP? Uggh, Mitt is to smart, to talented, and to educated to serve under a man deep down inside he feels a bit to uncomfertable to sit down and have an orange juice at a bar with.(mormons cracking on other mormons, terrible right?)

    Besides Mitts new PAC shows that he is busy worrying about other elections than to his own as VP.

    I think Sanford would be awsome to add to a McCain ticket…he needs all the help he can get!

    On the other side of the coin, how about an Obama/Hagel ticket? Talk about unity right?

  • RedstateEddio

    Jason – After hearing that one, my winning ticket is:

    1. Hannah Montana – Pres
    2. Aly & AJ – VP’s
    3. Jonas Bros – Cabinet

    Nice coiffure on the KPBS clip… ;-)

  • kristen

    Go Jason! ;-)

  • Brian H

    Great job Jason!

    I was curious to hear about Jindal but time ran out.

    I am Jindal guy.

    His youth and resume will expose the lightness of Obama’s “accomplishments”. Besides, I think J-Mack needs a spark, a story. His campaign is as boring as Lazlos Ron Paul rants.